Foo Sang

      Hi there I am Foo Sang, founder and chief swimming instructor for FunSwim.  Swimming is one of my favorite sport and I like children, that is why FunSwim is my ideal business.

     My goal is not to train your children to be the best swimmer in the world but is to ensure they are able to swim and enjoy the moment while playing in the water. Seeing children play in my pool is the perfect moment which drive me forward     

     Before FunSwim, I was teaching in private residential area for 2 years, lifeguard and lifeguard Instructor for 2 years in Colleague Tunku Abdul Rahman. FunSwim has added me 6 years of experience. Beside are my certificates.       




      Madam Tan is an iron woman with a gentle heart. She run, swim and cycle. With over 10 years of experience teaching swimming, she know how to introduce kids with water and slowly build their confident. 

     Madam Tan take cares of a lot of small kids from 4 - 6 years old. Btw, she know how to operate a gun, don't mess with her :)