Breathing and kicking

     When we swim, we do not breathe as per normal activities. The sequence of breathing is very important. So we proceed to teach them correct breathing method. This step is helpful for the children to swim and also a good training to the children's lung and stamina. Children will soon pick up this skill because it is what they do when they are in mother's womb.

     Kicking is the next step we teach to the children. This requires good balancing skill when using the swimming board.


     Breastroke is the most popular recreational style due to its stability and ability to keep the head out of water a large portion of time. But breastroke require different kicking and crawling method, so it is a new challenge to the children again.

     But we will start teaching the correct kicking method and until they master it, then only we will proceed to correct crawling method. Normally kids who is able to pick up Freestyle, Breastroke is not a big problem. 

Butterfly Stroke

     Butterfly Stroke is the advance level in Our Syllabus, it require very good technique to be feasible. Many children consider it the most difficult style of swimming.

     Feasible movement of the body and leg is important. We will provide proper guidance to children and ensure they are able to make it. Then we will follow by the Butterfly front crawl which needs strong muscles.

Confident and interest

     Confident and interest is the most important areas area children need to pick up. Without this two area, children will not be able to continue and enjoy the journey of learning.

     On the first few classes, we will observe the confident level of the kid toward water, if they do not feel secure in water, we will build their confident with game and relationship with the instructor. By doing this, the children will enroll into the instructor's instruction by doing more "challenging" activity.


     Freestyle is the first stroke the children will learn, with the correct breathing and kicking, children can procede with their front crawl. As such, the term freestyle is often used as a synonym for the front crawl, and this style is generally the fastest. Up to this stage, kids can pick up this stroke in 3 months or less.  




     Backstoke, also called the back crawl, is the only regulated style swum on the back. The advantage of it is easy breathing, but the disadvantage of swimmers not being to see where they are going.

     The challenge for children is to overcome fear in doing back kicking. This requires high balancing skill and stable movement. After they have done it correctly, we will teach them correct back crawl which is according to International standard.